Return to my Secret Garden


I LOVE my garden!  This photo was taken last summer and I have changed a few things since then.  With the weather getting warmer here in the middle of California, I believe it is time to get it swept and cleaned out.

We moved the shed to the backyard on the other side of the pool and the garden will be accessible to the backyard.  This is where I go to find peace and quiet among a house of 8!  I don’t do much in there during the winter, other than hoping for rain.

I hope to get some time the next few days and clean up the winter debris.  I’m looking forward to getting some fresh plants and prettying up my space.  Over the summer the cement radiates the heat like crazy.  Now that the shed is gone, I should get a nice breeze and the hopefully the plants will be happier too!


7 months into the transition



I posted a photo collage last week showing new growth of my silvers.  Here is one of them. I’m getting there, slowly but surely!  It does seem like a very slow process, though.  I think I’m averaging a little less than a half inch per month.

I was brave last weekend and wore a headband in public!  Whee!!  Not many comments, surprisingly.  Some coworkers are pretty vocal about whether or not I should be doing this, saying “I’m too young!”  I’m certainly no spring chicken but I’m definitely into Middle Age…I think I’ve earned the right to do what I want with my hair!

I will admit, this experience, so far, is really helping me find myself.  I’m learning who I really am.  I care less about what others think and more about how I really feel.  It is also very liberating!  I no longer have to worry about what event is coming up and when do I need to fit in a root color.  It was a waste of time AND money.  Not that I’d mind paying my friend to fix my hair, but she actually was the first to encourage me to quit coloring.

So, 7 months out and I am feeling more and more confident about letting my silvers shine! My mom, probably my biggest fan, keeps rooting (HaHaHa!) for me and I’m excited to see how my silvers compare to hers!


Going Gray? Here’s my story

I like to think of it as letting your natural highlights shine!  I’ve been coloring my hair for several years now and processing with highlights before that.  I remember some time ago I noticed a section of hair in the back where the roots grew in gray but the rest was brown, my natural color.  I started going to my current stylist, a good friend, Diane about 5 years ago.  We’ve been covering over my grays for a few years, when I got busy this summer, decided I was a bit overdue for a color.  I’m not quite sure what triggered my interest but I began searching gray hair styles and came across many that I loved.  I later discussed it with my friend and she was very excited that I wanted to go au naturale.  Thus began my transition!

It has now been 6 months and I keep looking forward to more silver roots.  It’s still pretty camouflaged behind my dyed color but my sideburns are pretty white.  I think it is an easy transition for me because my mom was gray while I was growing up, as well as her sisters and her own mother.  She didn’t color her grays until I was in my 20’s.  The reason WHY is another story! But she has since, in the past couple years, let her silvers grow back in and she is BEAUTIFUL!

Are you fed up with being a slave to ‘the bottle’?  Join me in the quest for FREEDOM!  I will be posting photos of my transition as I proceed from brunette to gray.  I will also be testing products and makeup that work well with gray hair.   GRAY IS THE NEW BLACK!


Photo Collage Maker_wdXaGI

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I’m Julie and I would like to welcome you to Perfect Season Of Life!  I am a mom of 6 great kids, a wife to a busy husband, and I work part time as a Registered Nurse.  I am interested in good health, homeschooling, fitness, being creative, and lasting friendships.

I have been practicing yoga for a couple years, though seriously for the past few months. I love the gentleness it offers on aching joints!  I also love the flexibility and strength I get from the practice.  I have used dvds and online recordings but I recently began attending yoga classes at my local gym.  I decided it was time to practice with real feedback to make sure I am learning correct postures.  I love it!

I enjoy gardening and set up a ‘secret garden’ next to my house.  I have recently moved some things around so below is a photo taken before we moved the shed.  It is a wonderful quiet space and I hope to spend more time there now that it is opened to my backyard – much more accessible than before!

I have recently decided to grow out my natural grays!!  I am very excited about this!  It has been 6 months since my last hair dye and the silvers are coming in so nicely.  My close friends and coworkers know that I am no longer coloring my hair and I have to say, I have had some mixed reviews!  That’s ok.  I am embracing this new season and look forward to the process and transition.